The Most Popular Tennis Bets (Part 1)


Like any other sport, there are a lot of different markets available in the world of tennis betting. And each one will offer different sets of odds with a variety of payout opportunities. But if you are newcomers to the world of tennis betting, you may find it tough to decide where and how to best place your money. So, let’s have a look at some of the most popular tennis bets.

  1. Handicap

Handicap betting is one of the most favorite tennis bets. In terms of tennis betting, you can bet on a less advantageous player in order to make up a handicap figure and still can win the set or game. For example, if Roger Federer was listed with a games handicap of -7 to beat Rafael Nadal who has a +7 handicap, and Federer beats his opponent 6-2, 7-5, 7-4. The total score would be 20-11 in Federer’s favor, which means that if you had put money down on Nadal to win, you would have lost your wager since he didn’t meet the handicap by 9 points.

tennis - The Most Popular Tennis Bets (Part 1)

  1. Match Bet

In tennis betting, the match bet simply means that you wager on who you think will win a particular match. You can choose either side, but there will be different odds for the more favored player and the underdog, meaning that the total odds can be as low as 1/4 or 1/5. If you want the best opportunity to maximize your profits, look for the chances where the players have strong odds on either side to get more value.

  1. Over/Under

The over/under tennis bet is based on how many sets it might take a player to win the match; so you make a two-way bet on a best-of-three match ending in -2.5 or +2.5 sets than the number that is offered by the bookmakers. Surely, these don’t set margins and there are lines that can be set at a lower or higher figure. However, in general, 2.5 is what you will most likely find as the first betting option for over/under tennis bets. Unlike betting on other sports, the odds in tennis betting can also change and not always pay out for both sides. If the game is forecasted to end in straight sets, you can expect a larger payout as long as you chose the correct side with this bet.