Three Major Tennis Events to Follow to Make Bets Easily


There are different tennis events that are held every year around the world. In addition to the ATP and WTA Tours, here are three main ones that you should follow to make bets easily.

Grand Slams

The Grand Slams is one of the most prolific and highest-revenue generating tennis events. It runs four tournaments throughout the year, including the US Open, the French Open, the Australian Open, and the UK’s Wimbledon. Each one takes place during two weeks and features five league categories, consisting of the men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. There are also the wheelchair championship and junior championships tennis grand slam tournaments.

The Olympics

Tennis only became a permanent part of the Olympics in 1988 and is commonly played on hard courts. It features the same five league categories like the Grand Slams. The biggest achievement of tennis in Olympic is the Golden Slam medal, coming from winning the Olympics singles and the four other Grand Slam singles titles. Former German tennis player Steffi Graf is the only one player in the world to have ever hit the Golden Slam (in 1988).

tennis - Three Major Tennis Events to Follow to Make Bets Easily

David and Fed Cup

The David and Fed Cups feature piles of international teams competing for the trophy every year, but not without going through some grueling qualifying rounds first. Anyone who makes the top 16 groups must slug their way through 4 tie rounds to head to the final. Each tie match is best-of-five for both sexes over 3 days in the Davis Cup and 2 days in the Fed Cup. The Fed Cup sees 2 single games happen on day 1 and then followed by reverse singles on day 2. Meanwhile, the David Cup has all of the first single games played on day 1, doubles on day 2, and finally, reversed singles on day 3.