The Most Popular Tennis Bets (Part 2)


Win: This is another popular tennis betting option. It’s also one of the easiest types of bets, which makes it a perfect starting point for anyone who is new to the world of tennis betting. Remember that the more heavily favored a player is for winning the game, the shorter the odds will be for him/her. The reason is that everyone else is betting on them too, but luckily, you may still be able to make a few pennies. It is best to play it safe if you are not quite familiar with the different markets available or if you are not confident with tennis betting odds.

Exact Scores: If you can predict the sets won by a player or the exact scores of a set, this kind of bets can be the great option for you. If you can guess correctly, predicting the exact scores has been proved to offer some fruitful payouts. However, with these bets, there is literally no margin for error. You have to wager that the exact players would finish on an exact score.

tennis - The Most Popular Tennis Bets (Part 2)

Prop Bet: In any sport, prop bets are one of the most exciting bets and can provide some good earning potential if you make right bets. Bookies will propose scenarios that might happen with certain outcomes, and bettors can put down money on whether or not it would actually happen. In other sports like football, these bets can get out of hand seriously, with people placing bets on anything from how long singing the national anthem will last to the color of the head coach’s drink. However, in tennis betting, some common prop bets can be things like:

  • The total games played in a match
  • If there is a tiebreak during a particular match
  • At which round a player will be eliminated
  • Which player will last longest during head-to-head match-ups in the tournament.