New Golf Betting Strategies for Newbie

Each Way Betting:

As it is really hard to strike an absolute winner, many sportsbooks give you the option to bet the each way”. If you put an either way bet, you are putting a stake on a player to both win the tournament and finish”placed”. For starters, if the golfer you bet places in the top five, you will earn a fourth of your total bet winnings.

18 hole matchups:

For each round, bookmakers are going to match two golfers. The betting odds are issued for any golfer. You wager on which golfer in that round to perform higher.

beginners guide to golf betting - New Golf Betting Strategies for Newbie

3 Balls:

Golfers will be grouped in groups of three in the first two round of the tournament (before the cut). After 18 holes, you can bet which golfer is the top score.


You just bet that during the tournament one golfer hits a hole-in-one. You also can bet on a golfer to hit a hole-in-one to make it a little more fun. The wins are excellent, and when observing a major tournament, it brings a bit more intrigue.

Top Nationality Betting:

You pick the golfer’s nationality in this sort of bet. Often you will find good value, particularly if you are high on a single national golfer (other than the USA or Europe).

Age of the Winner:

You have an age in the sportsbook and must gamble whether the winner’s age is above or below the set number. This makes a fun gamble, particularly if a seasoned golfer is likely to win a major event.

Top Amateur Finisher:

A sportsbook can provide you with a list of participants for any major tournament. Your job is to choose your chosen one to get the best of them all.

Lowest Tournament Round:

You’re betting whether a certain number is surpassed or less than the lowest round of the tournament. If you believe that no golfer shoots less than 65 at a major in the week because of the rough weather, you’d bet less than 65.