Top ten tips for betting on baseball in 2020 (part 1)


If you are planning betting on baseball for the first time, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have compiled a list of top ten tips for betting on baseball in 2020. Let’s have a look at these helpful tips.

baseball betting - Top ten tips for betting on baseball in 2020 (part 1)

Avoid Big Favorites

The house clearly know that new bettors commonly love betting favorites. So, they will capitalize on public bias as well as shade their lines accordingly, which means that popular teams will always be overpriced. Remember that if a favorite wins, your payout is small. But if they lose, you get crushed. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

Bet Against the Public

For years, the value of betting against the public have been widely regarded. It is worth mentioning that since the fact is that the public usually loses. Most of new bettors always wants to bet for popular franchises, their favorites, home teams, or teams with star players.

They are also victims of recency bias. If a team looked great last game, they will place bets on it. If it looked awful, they will fade it. We can take advantage of artificially inflated numbers and place ourselves on the side of the books. Keep in mind that the house always wins.

Follow Reverse Line Movement

Baseball isn’t just about taking plus-money dogs. You want to be on the sharp side of each game, too. It is best to follow Reverse Line Movement (RLM), a powerful tool that can identify which teams are being targeted by professional bettors.

Take Advantage of Plus-Money Underdogs

To make money betting basketball, bettors need to win 52.4 percent of the time in order to break even. But if bettors avoid big favorites and take plus-money underdogs, they can win at a sub-50-percent clip and finally still finish the year with positive units won. If the underdogs lose, you will only lose what you have risked. If they win, you will be able to enjoy valuable plus-money payouts.


Ten Simplest Sports Betting Tips for Beginners (part 2)


Don’t be overconfident when winning

It may be hard to pick winners consistently when betting on sports, but even beginners can still manage to go on a nice winning run from time to time. It is important not to get carried away if this happens. It is easy to become overconfident, which may cause you to start thinking that you are a betting genius. However, remember that luck just happens to be on your side right now. So, try to always keep your feet on the ground.

Don’t be disheartened when losing

It is also important not to read too much into any losses. As a beginner, losing doesn’t mean that you will never make any money in the future. Even the best sports bettors in the world can’t win every single bet that they place. In fact, they can go on lengthy losing streaks easily where nothing takes place as expected. It can happen to anyone if it can happen to them.

sports betting 1 - Ten Simplest Sports Betting Tips for Beginners (part 2)

Trust your judgement

There are so many experts in the media who would like to give their opinions about how good certain teams or players are as well as make predictions about how events are likely to happen. There is nothing wrong with taking on board the others’ opinions, but try to avoid being too easily swayed by them. It is important to put faith in your own judgement above anything else.


There is no exactly right or wrong way to bet on sports. There are all types of different approaches that can be effective, and to experiment is the best way to determine what works well for you. By trying out different systems and strategies, there is a good chance you will find eventually an approach that yields positive results. You should also experiment with the different types of wagers and with different forms of sports betting as well.


Ten Simplest Betting Tips for Beginners (Part 1)


In this article, we have covered the top ten simplest betting tips for beginners. You need to follow each of them if you want the best information when betting on sports. The rest of the advice we have to give, listed below, is all the more straightforward. And perhaps they are not so important. However, we still encourage you to follow them as much as possible.

Spend time researching

There is no need to spend countless hours in research, especially if you are only betting for fun. It is worthwhile to invest at least some time anyway, whether it is just reading a few relevant news articles, studying basic statistics or keeping up to date with the current form. Just watching sports on television can also be considered research, and that is no work at all!

sports betting - Ten Simplest Betting Tips for Beginners (Part 1)

Read the look

There are many words and phrases used in sports betting that you may not know as a newcomer to the world of betting. You will select many of these as you go, but it does not hurt to try to read them before you start.

Ignore personal preferences

Most people place wagers in sports that they enjoy watching a lot, and it is natural that they have their favorite teams and players. Obviously they like to see those teams and players perform well, and this can easily influence their choices if they are not careful. It is common that people place their bets on what they want to happen, without considering whether or not that is the right thing to do.

Now, supporting your favorite team and players is not a big problem when betting for fun. But if you are trying to make money, it is important to avoid allowing bias to diminish your judgment. The best way to do this is simply to protect any games and events where you have your interest in the outcome.

The Most Popular Tennis Bets (Part 2)


Win: This is another popular tennis betting option. It’s also one of the easiest types of bets, which makes it a perfect starting point for anyone who is new to the world of tennis betting. Remember that the more heavily favored a player is for winning the game, the shorter the odds will be for him/her. The reason is that everyone else is betting on them too, but luckily, you may still be able to make a few pennies. It is best to play it safe if you are not quite familiar with the different markets available or if you are not confident with tennis betting odds.

Exact Scores: If you can predict the sets won by a player or the exact scores of a set, this kind of bets can be the great option for you. If you can guess correctly, predicting the exact scores has been proved to offer some fruitful payouts. However, with these bets, there is literally no margin for error. You have to wager that the exact players would finish on an exact score.

tennis - The Most Popular Tennis Bets (Part 2)

Prop Bet: In any sport, prop bets are one of the most exciting bets and can provide some good earning potential if you make right bets. Bookies will propose scenarios that might happen with certain outcomes, and bettors can put down money on whether or not it would actually happen. In other sports like football, these bets can get out of hand seriously, with people placing bets on anything from how long singing the national anthem will last to the color of the head coach’s drink. However, in tennis betting, some common prop bets can be things like:

  • The total games played in a match
  • If there is a tiebreak during a particular match
  • At which round a player will be eliminated
  • Which player will last longest during head-to-head match-ups in the tournament.

The Most Popular Tennis Bets (Part 1)


Like any other sport, there are a lot of different markets available in the world of tennis betting. And each one will offer different sets of odds with a variety of payout opportunities. But if you are newcomers to the world of tennis betting, you may find it tough to decide where and how to best place your money. So, let’s have a look at some of the most popular tennis bets.

  1. Handicap

Handicap betting is one of the most favorite tennis bets. In terms of tennis betting, you can bet on a less advantageous player in order to make up a handicap figure and still can win the set or game. For example, if Roger Federer was listed with a games handicap of -7 to beat Rafael Nadal who has a +7 handicap, and Federer beats his opponent 6-2, 7-5, 7-4. The total score would be 20-11 in Federer’s favor, which means that if you had put money down on Nadal to win, you would have lost your wager since he didn’t meet the handicap by 9 points.

tennis - The Most Popular Tennis Bets (Part 1)

  1. Match Bet

In tennis betting, the match bet simply means that you wager on who you think will win a particular match. You can choose either side, but there will be different odds for the more favored player and the underdog, meaning that the total odds can be as low as 1/4 or 1/5. If you want the best opportunity to maximize your profits, look for the chances where the players have strong odds on either side to get more value.

  1. Over/Under

The over/under tennis bet is based on how many sets it might take a player to win the match; so you make a two-way bet on a best-of-three match ending in -2.5 or +2.5 sets than the number that is offered by the bookmakers. Surely, these don’t set margins and there are lines that can be set at a lower or higher figure. However, in general, 2.5 is what you will most likely find as the first betting option for over/under tennis bets. Unlike betting on other sports, the odds in tennis betting can also change and not always pay out for both sides. If the game is forecasted to end in straight sets, you can expect a larger payout as long as you chose the correct side with this bet.

Know about Tennis Rules to Make the Best Bet on the Sport


Tennis has ingrained into the human culture since the 12th century, from the Wimbledon to the French Open and ATP World Tour. The sport has become one of the most popular activities that both professional and amateur athletes take part in every day all over the world. Each of different global tennis events taking place throughout every year draws in millions of fans and spectators, many of whom are also placing bets with the hope of making a mint in the process. If you’re also looking to get to know the ropes in tennis betting, it is necessary to understand about the rules of the game to boost your opportunity of success when the next season begins.

Tennis rules are simple and easy to follow. The game is played with one player in the single version and two in the doubles on either side of a rectangular court with a net in the middle. Players use a tennis racket to hit a ball and land it on the opposite’s court in order to score. The ball needs to avoid hitting the net, and the opposite player will hit the ball back in order to prevent the other player from scoring. This creates the to-and-fro dynamic that you will see in all tennis games when each player tries to keep the ball from landing in their court side, landing outside of the lines of the court, or hitting the net.

tennis - Know about Tennis Rules to Make the Best Bet on the Sport

The scoring systems are a little more complicated, but if you know what the different scores mean, it is quite easy to grasp. Every game starts as zero (widely known as ‘love’) and the first person to score is awarded a point of 15 from there. The next score moves that up to 30, then a third score pushes that to 40, and finally, a fourth point sets the player up for a win.

If both players score 40 points each, one of them will win the game after scoring 2 points in a row. The score is an advantage if the player only scores 1 point after the tie. This form then keeps going on until the match finishes.

The player must win 6 games by at least 2 in order to win a set. Players switch sides once they have scored 6 points.

Three Major Tennis Events to Follow to Make Bets Easily


There are different tennis events that are held every year around the world. In addition to the ATP and WTA Tours, here are three main ones that you should follow to make bets easily.

Grand Slams

The Grand Slams is one of the most prolific and highest-revenue generating tennis events. It runs four tournaments throughout the year, including the US Open, the French Open, the Australian Open, and the UK’s Wimbledon. Each one takes place during two weeks and features five league categories, consisting of the men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. There are also the wheelchair championship and junior championships tennis grand slam tournaments.

The Olympics

Tennis only became a permanent part of the Olympics in 1988 and is commonly played on hard courts. It features the same five league categories like the Grand Slams. The biggest achievement of tennis in Olympic is the Golden Slam medal, coming from winning the Olympics singles and the four other Grand Slam singles titles. Former German tennis player Steffi Graf is the only one player in the world to have ever hit the Golden Slam (in 1988).

tennis - Three Major Tennis Events to Follow to Make Bets Easily

David and Fed Cup

The David and Fed Cups feature piles of international teams competing for the trophy every year, but not without going through some grueling qualifying rounds first. Anyone who makes the top 16 groups must slug their way through 4 tie rounds to head to the final. Each tie match is best-of-five for both sexes over 3 days in the Davis Cup and 2 days in the Fed Cup. The Fed Cup sees 2 single games happen on day 1 and then followed by reverse singles on day 2. Meanwhile, the David Cup has all of the first single games played on day 1, doubles on day 2, and finally, reversed singles on day 3.

Top Tips for Sports Betting Beginners (part 2)


  1. Develop a Bankroll Management Plan

This tip should be used on the first day of your sports betting journey. Unluckily, many players don’t use a plan for bankroll management. A bankroll management plan is very important since it helps you determine exactly how much money you should and could bet for a certain wager.

This idea might be strange if you’re a newcomer to the world of sports betting. Many of us started betting on sports without having any plan. Sometimes, many players bet their entire bankroll in just one single wager and if they lose the bet, then their entire bankroll is wiped out in one swoop.

The goal of the bankroll management plan is to help you extend your bankroll as long as you can by calculating the percentage of your bankroll used on each bet. You will only risk a portion of your bankroll on each wager instead of risking it all at once.

sports betting 1 - Top Tips for Sports Betting Beginners (part 2)

  1. Bet with a Clear Mind

Our next tip for sports betting beginners is to ensure that you only bet with real money when you have a clear mind. This means that you should never bet when you are influenced by drugs or alcohol. You will be playing with your hard-earned money so you only must do that when your mind is totally clear.

Many punters make their bets on sports when they have been drinking. Having a drink and watching your favorite games usually go hand in hand for many individuals. However, you had better get your bets done before you start drinking so that you are not going to make poor betting decisions. It is best not to bet on sports when you are under the influence of any drug since they can impair your decision-making ability. If you are under the influence, just enjoy the match and wait to bet at a later time when your mind is in a clear state.


Top Tips for Sports Betting Beginners (part 1)


If you are a newbie to sports betting, then this article is the right place to get the best tips on how to do it. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Start Slowly

The first of our recommended tips for beginning sports bettors is that you should start slowly. With a lot of excitement, you may be chomping at the bit to get things started. However, remember to pump the brakes a bit to ensure that you don’t dive in too quickly.

You’ll want to dip a toe in instead of diving in head-first and making bets without much knowledge or experience. Taking a step back can help you increase your chances of winning.

sports betting - Top Tips for Sports Betting Beginners (part 1)

  1. Learn the Basics

As with many things, it’s important that you walk before you run. When it comes to sports betting, this is particularly true. For those who are new to it, it is the best idea to spend time learning the basics before getting too deep into it. Understanding the basics will help you make better-informed betting decisions.

Although research takes time, it’s worthy. With just a small investment of time, you will be able to make betting choices with a solid base of knowledge rather than betting as an uninformed beginner.

  1. Have Realistic Expectations

We hate to inform you that the chances you win when betting on sports are low. That doesn’t mean you can’t make money, but you will be hard-pressed to make enough so that you will be able to live on your betting earnings.

For beginners, it’s important to have the right expectations from the beginning. Sports betting can be fun and even can be profitable. However, if you want to make money by betting on sports, you’ll need to become a disciplined and knowledgeable bettor. Always remember to keep your expectations realistic for your sports betting adventures.

How to Avoid Sports Betting Mistakes

How to Avoid Sports Betting Mistakes - How to Avoid Sports Betting Mistakes

A lot of peoples lose money because of making the most common sports betting mistakes once, twice, or a bunch of times. This is a bit tricky because despite having experience, everyone can be vulnerable to these circumstances at times.

Use the right stats

How to Avoid Sports Betting Mistakes 1 - How to Avoid Sports Betting Mistakes

When it comes to using stats and historical data to make game predictions, it is important that you stick to the right stats.

Yes, there are wrong stats, useless stats as well call them.

For example, let’s say an NHL team performs better during a season. Well, that is just futile. This is true by the way. There are stats assessing climate and temperature and their impacts on players. That team might be winning because their goaltender and defencemen are in great shape after a training program. Now, those are the stats and information you want.

Finally, make sure that the stats you are looking at are accurate. Just because a statistics report is posted on a sports betting website does not make it accurate. Therefore, it is important to choose a formidable sports betting website in the first place.

Don’t bet on every single game

How to Avoid Sports Betting Mistakes 2 - How to Avoid Sports Betting Mistakes

Betting on every single game is a rookie mistake. Just because you have the money does not mean you have to bet on every single game or simultaneously. Betting more does not mean the chances of you winning are higher. It is the opposite.

Make sure to check every game and determine if it will bring you value. It can be tempting to get more money in play, but you’ll only end up making another deposit because you lost a lot.

Don’t blame bad luck

How to Avoid Sports Betting Mistakes 3 - How to Avoid Sports Betting Mistakes

If you ask us, sports betting is a 40% frustration business. Losing is bad. We know that. However, you shouldn’t blame it on bad luck. The same goes when you win, it’s not luck. Doing so may result in an unhealthy mindset and minimal understanding of sports betting.

Trust in the systems and statistics. You’ll get there.