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Kimberlee A. Barnett back in 2010 was working as a marble setter in Montreal before Dillon’s Cocktail Cup was born. Kimberlee was an avid sports fan. She loved hockey, curling, basketball, soccer, and so much more.

Because she is from Montreal, her favourite team of all sports is the Montreal Canadiens at the National Hockey League. She wasn’t only a sports lover, but she also loved sports betting.

From her experience back then, she knew that there are a lot of improvements to sports betting. That is why she decided to establish a sports betting review website of her own. Her main objective was to provide a more secure platform for people to trust.

Making a Dent in Hockey

When they started operation, Dillon’s Cocktail Cup was only able to manage one sport and they focused on the biggest one in Canada, the National Hockey League. There were several competitors back then.

What Dillon’s Cocktail Cup lacked in size, they made up for big time in customer services. In the first couple of years of the company, the website was able to record more than 300 regular readers.

As the years go by and as the team expanded, the company started to provide sports betting content and statistics for different sports and the rest, will go down in history.

Sports Forecast and Predictions

Other than sports betting site reviews, we also provide sports analysis and statistics services. We produce game reports and predictions daily to help our patrons make bets.

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