Top 10 Barkeeps Have Been Selected

A few weeks back, erectile 50 of the areas seasoned and most adventurous barkeep characters came out to
@partsnlabour for the qualifying round of the first annual Dillon’s Cocktail Cup. And they killed it.

Though good times are always the focus, this the goal was to narrow down this stiff list of contenders to just 10 fine folks that will then move on to go tete a tete behind the wood.

Well, hard as it was, we’ve concluded the finalists and hand delivered their golden tickets in the form of a secret weapon.

We’re announcing the finalists on Instagram and Twitter today so keep on eye on #claimthecup and then check back to this site for the first event date and ticket information as well as complete bios of the contenders and the illustrious judges.

Cheers — Adam

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