The Show Behind the Show

To make an event like the Cocktail Cup come together, page you need a symphony of talent, remedy friends, site good timing and sh*t luck. Thankfully, we make delicious spirits that seem to motivate friends and consequently, we’ve got a good crowd hanging around this place for when we ring the event bell.

Behind the scenes we’re being or have been assisted by the talents of the following fine folks:

Design: Insite Design — / @barry_imber

Located in Burlington, Insite is the branding and design company that helped us create the Dillon’s brand, package and interior. They have joined this party to assist in thought, design and content creation as the Cocktail Cup rolls through YYZ in 2015.
Photography: Carlos D. Fernandes — Churchill Toronto

As general manager of Churchill Toronto, Carlos lives the bartender culture but who knew he was also an accomplished photographer! Thankfully Mr. Fernandes assisted us by applying his talents to the contender bios.

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