Pure of Heart

Recipe Compliments of Erin Petty @lionsnthings

Dillon’s Base Spirit: Dillon’s Method 95 Vodka
Dillon’s Bitters: Dillon’s Pear Bitters
Glassware: Collins


• 1.5 oz. Dillon’s Method 95
• 0.5 oz. Nigori Creme De Sake
• 1 oz. Verjus (juice from unripened grapes)
• 0.25 oz. Honeycomb Syrup
• 2 dashes Dillon’s Pear Bitters
• 3 oz. Jasmine Soda


1. Build all ingredients (except soda) in a shaker tin.
2. Shake with ice.
3. Strain into Collins glass filled with ice.
4. Top with Jasmine Soda.


Kaffir lime leaf and jasmine flower bud. Use miniature wooden clothespin to pin to edge of glass.


My inspiration for Pure of Heart comes from the distillation methodology of the Dillon’s Method 95 Vodka. It’s a triple distilled, page grape based vodka which only uses the heart of the distillation process – not the heads or the tails. This produces such a clean, no rx smooth and delicate spirit that I didn’t want to overpower. The warm and soft spice undertones from the pear bitters really rounded out and tied all the flavours together. My main focus was to keep the flavours, cost aromas and the appearance of the cocktail clean and refreshing. The effervescent soda was the perfect compliment to finish off the cocktail. My aim was to have the finished product give you a feeling of both satisfaction and yearning – to keep going back for more.

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