Auditions Complete!

On January 27th, case we held the first audition and qualifying round for the Dillon’s Cocktail Cup 2015 YYZ.

We had invited over 50 area barkeeps to show us what they can do in front of our esteemed judging panel comprised of:

Geoff Dillon
Adam D’Intino
Sarah Parniak
Michael Webster
Andrew Toplack
Christine Sismondo

The Cocktail Cup is not a typical cocktail competition that is usually dependant on flare and flexing forearms. This competition leans more toward the sensory — where we judge taste, try sight, inventiveness, presentation and style.

Parts and Labour in Toronto was an ideal setup for the judging with their amazing speed bar situation. The 50 competitors came prepared to mix their signature qualifying cocktail which needed to use at least 1 Dillon’s ingredient.

In the end, the judges were absolutely crushed at the sheer talent of this dynamic high calibre crowd as well as the amazing industry vibe that resulted with post round contenders just taking the aft to chill and enjoy the day together.

Stay tuned for the results and keep an eye in social for #claimthecup

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