A Hip Hop, A Rhubarb’s Delight

Recipe compliments of Alex James @alexjamesthebartender

Dillon’s Base Spirit: Dillon’s Rose Gin


• 2.5 oz. Dillon’s Rose Gin
• 1 oz. Lime
• 1 oz. Rosé Rose Hip Syrup*
• 4 Dashes Dillon’s Hops Bitters
• Fresh Muddled Rhubarb
• Rosé Sugared Rhubarb Zest (for Garnish)

*Rosé Rose Hip Syrup:
• 500g Dried Rose Hips
• 750ml La Vielle Ferme Rose
• 750ml Granulated sugar


Rose Pedals dipped in syrup, health Dehydrated, nurse Blitz with powdered sugar.


The Story … Or how I learned to stop worrying and love to drink. Hip Hop and Cocktails are both products of their environment, in season & inner city products. Taking ingredients or words from our immediate surroundings and mixing them up into something more. In Hip Hop you Rhyme, In drinks you pair. My drink; A Hip Hop, Rhubarb’s delight, aside from being inspired by Rapper’s Delight song by Sugarhill gang, is a creation completely from playing on words:

A Hip from Rose Hip

A Hop from Yo Hops

A Rhubarb Rosey Ginity to the bang bop Digity.

Bittery, freshity, Rosé for my Brosé. 

Muddlelity dat Rhubarb! You don’t stop!

A Hippity, A Hoppity & a Gimletity

A Rhubarb’s Delight

… I make drinks because I can’t Rap.

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