The 2015 YYZ Dillon’s Cocktail Cup

Our Adam D’Intino spends a lot of time in bars which means that occasionally, stuff bartenders have to talk to him and consequently he learns a thing or two. One thing that came up multiple times was that craft barkeeps were ready for a new experience in cocktail competitions — something different from the flare and swagger show that expects you to oil your forearms and fling shakers over the heads of scowling advertising executives.

What he heard was that skilled, artisan drink making was not rewarded in comps and so many barkeeps were just not doing events. Hmmm.

And so the concept was born. A craft oriented, high charactered skills and experience barkeep competition that would highlight the high calibre of cocktail bar professionals in the region. A celebration of the bar cocktail culture and all those who take their career and craft spirits seriously — advancing cocktail making and influencing distilling at its heart.

The Cocktail Cup comp was born. Along with the assistance of brand and idea company Insite Design in Burlington, the year long event will host 10 competitions at various establishments throughout Toronto. Each competition will match 2 qualifiers, the winner of each round advancing across the bracket until the grand finale to be held in the fall.

Each event is ticketed for guests to attend. A ticket get’s you in to the action; watch the bartenders make magic, enjoy a snack and each of the two contender’s cocktail weapon they create. Good times.

Keep an eye on this site for updates, tickets and follow in social by #claimthecup

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